Founder - The Person Behind This Project

Her Holiness Sriman Niranjana Mahajagadguru Mathe Mahadevi
Poojya Sri. Jagadguru Siddarameshwar Swamiji
Poojya Sri. Jagadguru Basavakumar Swamiji
Poojya Sri. Jagadguru Channabasavanand Swamiji
Poojya Sri. Sadguru Basava Prabhu Swamiji
Poojya Sri. Sadguru Madeshwar Swamiji

Her Holiness Jagadguru Mathe Mahadevi, popularly known and shortly addressed as Mataji, was born on 13th March, 1946 at Chitradurga (Karnataka State) as the eldest daughter of a noble father, late Dr. S.R. Basappa and an ideal and pious mother, Smt. Gangamma.

Mataji got first initiation into religious life called 'Istalinga Diksha' on 21st August, 1965. Mataji took Sanyasa initiation (Jangama Diksha) on 5th April 1966 at the age of twenty.

The first Woman Jagadguru
In the meanwhile, she founded an institution called Jaganmata Akkamahadevi Ashrama, at Dharwar. Inauguration of the same took place in 1968 with an ideal purpose of providing shelter, guidance and training for spiritual seekers, especially for girls and women who are dedicated to the propagation of religious values. The Institution has got an intention to expand its shelter in future to orphans, destitutes and helpless old aged women as well. One of the novel accomplishments of Mataji is the ascent to Jagadguru Peetha, as a challenge to show that a woman is as well eligible as a man to become a Guru and entitled to occupy the pontifical seat of a Jagadguru. The first Woman Jagadguru Peetha by name Jaganmata Akkamahadevi Anubhava Peetha was established at Dharwar in 1970 and Poojya Mataji ascended the same as the first Woman-Jagadguru on 21-4-1970. Since then her achievements are innumerable.